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        Four criteria for excavator operation in construction machinery industry

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        As a senior excavator operation should have a solid professional knowledge and skills, in their daily operations should be able to deal with the sudden situation in a timely manner, properly handle the failure, so that timely detection of problems in a timely manner to solve the problem.
        Here is a description of as a senior excavator operators should have the ten criteria.
        1, the excavator in the loading operation should be strictly prohibited around the parked vehicles and pedestrians stranded, do a good job clearance work; in the unloading of materials should ensure that the vehicle docked after stabilization, the driver can leave the cab and start unloading operations The When the excavator to rotate the operation should try to avoid the bucket from the top of the cab over. The bucket should be lowered and the appropriate spacing should be controlled to prevent collision of the vehicle body;
        2, when the bucket in the operation is not completely out of the ground, can not make it travel, swing and other actions; when the bucket loaded with mouth and in a floating state, is prohibited from the swing arm and walking operations;
        3, when the crawler excavator to move, the arm should be kept in the direction of the body forward, when the bucket from the ground height of not less than or equal to 1 meter, should immediately stop the rotation mechanism;
        4, when the excavator is in the rotary operation, it should be enabled with the rotary clutch with its rotation mechanism brake smooth rotation, is strictly prohibited for emergency braking and rapid rotation operation;
        5, the excavator in the uphill operation, should keep the drive wheel in the rear of the car body, arm at the top; when the excavator in the next downhill operation, should keep the drive wheel in front of the body, arm in the rear The It should be noted that the up and down slope of not more than 20 °. At the same time, in the downhill driving operations should slow down, the process of moving can not change the speed and neutral taxi;
        6, if the electric excavator in the connection power supply, it should be noted that the switch box on the breaker to block. Walking process, the staff should wear full pressure rubber shoes or insulated gloves mobile cable, pay attention to prevent cable worn and leakage occurred;
        7, in the walking corner should pay attention to control the speed, should not be too fast, if the big bend turn, should be twisted angle control within 20 degrees;
        8, excavator in the work, is strictly prohibited for its maintenance and other acts, if found in the operation of abnormal phenomena to be immediately stop inspection and processing;
        9, in the daily maintenance should always pay attention to the top of the excavator to replace the pulley replacement, maintenance, maintenance and other work is in place, remember that the mechanical inspection should be completely stopped before the operation can be checked.
        To sum up, to become a professional excavator operator should firmly grasp the above ten criteria, the details are often the key to success or failure.

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