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        Nigeria leiwo engineering machinery release ceremony, Indonesia promotion will be held successfully

        Source:慧聪工程机械网 Number of visits: Date:May 23,2017
        On May 19th, Nigeria dealer leventismotors held a leventis-lovol cooperation ceremony at the Sheraton (sheratonhotel) hotel in Lagos. The release ceremony, a total of 112 people from more than 70 companies to participate, including dangotecement, rccconstruction and other large companies. Dealer general manager mrnikos, group vice president of human resources mrmustapha, finance director mrmichail attended the ceremony.
        This release ceremony launched the Revo FR220D excavator imported Isuzu engine, low fuel consumption, low noise, high efficiency; in addition to the use of first-class hydraulic system in the world, efficient, safe and reliable; safe and comfortable driving space, to meet the market demand in Nigeria, beautiful appearance, good product configuration and excellent product performance to test personnel praise. At the same time, provide leiwo engineering machinery series of mechanical equipment and a one-stop shopping convenience is to test personnel of engineering machinery leiwo group strength thumbs. According to statistics, only the promotion will be reached on the day of more than ten units of product orders.
        The same people are pleased leiwo construction machinery group in Indonesia will also promote the success of product promotion will be divided into indoor and outdoor two exhibition, watching leiwo engineering machinery products customers also not finish in the indoor outdoor exhibition came to personally travel drive, through experience to feel the actual working performance of leiwo engineering machinery products the sales promotion day Revo loader 8.
        Dedicated to provide systematic solutions for Construction Engineering Group leiwo Global City, in order to expand overseas market share, making the global strategic target, and cooperation with the international industry giants, enhance the technological content of products. It is because of continuous efforts, people focus on lean leiwo, the fastest growing brands to the construction machinery industry. Leiwo Construction Machinery Group will always uphold the "quality, intelligent leiwo Chengnuo" concept, through continuous innovation, to produce more excellent products, promote leiwo engineering machinery products towards high-end direction, with high quality products and excellent service to win the global market.

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