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        May Fourth Youth Day

        Number of visits: Date:May 4,2017

        The pace of time always seems to be in a hurry, "54" Youth Day has arrived. Passion in May, showing the youth; a new era, inspired by the pace of progress.
        Youth is a beautiful scenery, a string of beating notes. Youth is restless, sentimental, youth is more enthusiastic, lively. Our youth, is the elite of the times, is the cause of the troops, is a grand blueprint drawing, a common part of the construction machinery industry. Ordinary jobs, give us opportunities and challenges, Yonghui machinery gave us a display of self space. Ai Qing said, "why do I always have tears in my eyes, because I love the land deeply." Yes, we love this land, is a fertile soil at the foot of Yonghui machine gave birth to our vigorous life, we are young, no regrets will be chosen youth to the construction machinery industry. We guard the construction machinery with youth. Not afraid of tired, is a good start; efforts to innovation, is the starting point of our work. Love and dedication, is our rational choice; diligent and selfless, is our work standards. Because the young, perhaps, we still immature, perhaps, we are not mature enough; it is because we are young, "aggressive" in front of innovation, "resilience" difficulties "drive" business before, "he before learning". We are young, serious and not perfunctory, pragmatic and not frivolous, dedication and not to ask, true and not false. In the face of the challenges of the times, we will not retreat; in the face of heavy work, we will not shirk. We are young, full of strong passion, full of amazing ideas, we must put the vitality of youth to create inspiration, to feel the pulse of the times, to reflect the characteristics of the new era. A very youthful body, youth dew dew smile, each one vivid deep shallow footprints. In the spring, we get down to work -- this is us! Screwed together, we are the lightning, is a fire wall; together, we are the stars in the sky, is a golden radiance of the sun! This is our sun...... the power of youth!!! Our youth and Yonghui machinery in this new era, inspired the pace of common endeavour. In this full of youthful spirit of the season, temper forward.

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