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        How to keep the long-term storage and maintenance of construction machinery

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        How to keep the long-term storage and maintenance of construction machinery
        How to properly store the construction machinery is the knowledge that the construction manipulator should grasp. In particular, a lot of construction machinery may not be used for a long time, or after the completion of a project, the mechanical equipment needs to be stored for a long time.
        Then how to correct the engineering machinery need long-term storage has become an important problem, so how long storage of engineering machinery in the storage period of the case how to maintain the equipment, so they use does not affect the future.
        How to properly store construction machinery:
        1 should be parked in a dry room. Have to stop the outdoors, or flat ground and lay on board. Parking is used after cover cover.
        2 long term storage, mechanical maintenance, repair damaged parts, and its thorough cleaning, maintain good technical condition.
        3 in the airport parking arrangement and layout, should ensure that the import and export of any machinery are not affected by other machinery.
        4 the mechanical fuel control lever should be placed in the idle position, each control rod in neutral position.
        5 engine custody. Release the cooling water in the engine. Change engine oil. The new engine oil is usually neutral and does not corrode the metal parts of the engine. The fuel tank is filled with diesel oil to avoid rust. Preservatives should be added if conditions permit. During the shutdown should start the engine once a month, so that the machinery for short distance travel, so that parts of the lubrication of the establishment of new oil film to prevent rust. It should be noted that: before the start should be filled with cooling water, cooling water should be put at the end.
        6 storage battery. The battery should be removed, the battery will be placed in the dry and antifreeze. To keep the surface clean and dry, it is strictly prohibited to place conductive objects on the battery. Remove the battery, we must first cut off the negative wire, and then cut off the positive line; the installation of the first to connect the positive line, and then connect the negative line. For engineering machinery electrical systems are the negative electrode, this is to prevent disassembling battery when short circuited. Lead acid battery should be charged once a month.
        7 anti rust treatment. The store front, should be considered the outer surface of the antirust paint paint falls off to determine the size of the area is to repair or use the machine to paint with paint way,. The working mechanism of the construction machinery, such as the screed of the paver, the bucket of the loader, the scraper of the grader, and so on.

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